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Hey, my name is Benjamin Wittorf – call me Ben. With expertise and foresight, I support you in developing solutions for your individual challenges. My approach makes the difference: flexible, holistic, and focused on the core of the matter.

How I work

The most important challenges can be solved by humans, organizations, companies, and governments when they are approached with cross-functional expertise and an attitude of openness and flexibility.

As a specialized generalist, I bring the ability to precisely grasp and effectively solve problems, whether they arise directly with you as the client or in your environment.

Where it makes sense, I involve you closely to jointly explore new perspectives. I am open to innovative ways that will reliably lead you to success.

My approach

The key to success often lies in looking beyond the obvious problems and recognizing the real challenge.

With experience and empathy, I grasp the core of the matter and develop appropriate solution strategies. I involve you as intensively as is meaningful for sustainable success.

The most effective solutions often lie beyond familiar patterns and structures. With my holistic perspective, I support you in connecting apparent contradictions and initiating change. My work is based on the conviction that sustainable success arises when it serves not only you, but also the common good.

My clients trust me to independently structure and effectively address complex challenges. In a project or as a consultant by your side – I reliably move you and your company forward.

My offer

As a concrete project assignment or creative collaboration – I support organizations of all sizes in exploring new ideas, finding solutions, and making ideas a reality.

My versatile offering includes strategy consulting, change management, red teaming, analysis and process optimization, executive sparring, mentoring, sustainability consulting, and the development and implementation of standards. This breadth allows me to find the actual levers for your success.

With this toolbox, I open up new perspectives and create innovative solutions that work in practice. My strength lies in maintaining an overview and finding the right levers flexibly, even in complex, changing situations, with diverse expertise and a holistic view.

In my projects, I collaborate with a wide range of competencies – from product teams and marketing departments to policy and communication professionals. Together, we develop the best solutions for your specific challenges, no matter where the work arises.


  • Ego Development
  • Digital Innovations
  • Corporate Security
  • Corporate Culture
  • Narrative Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Culture

About me

I don’t do self-promotion. Instead of an elaborate self-description, I invite you to get to know me through our collaboration. My decisions and actions speak louder than words about who I am.

And I do my job quite well. Among other things, a client had the Shanhai Pass, a section of the Great Wall of China, closed off for my private viewing as a thank you. Another client had her moment of realization tattooed.

Case studies

An educational service provider wanted to have an app developed for its offering. The real problem turned out to be that there was no uniform interface for accessing the wide range of educational offerings across multiple departments. I defined, planned and implemented both. A side effect was that the educational service provider was able to automatically place its entire range of courses in appropriate portals.

For an internationally active artist, it was necessary to digitize his processes. Therefore, I digitized his office according to his workflows with as much automation and appropriate training as possible. It turned out that he needed a database for his numerous works of art and their specifications in order to serve galleries, publishers and others in a qualitative manner. I defined, planned and implemented it accordingly.

For a management consultancy, I planned preparations for security audits by a corporate security company and implemented them on site. The challenge was to build intercultural bridges and to address specific particularities and characteristics that contradicted this goal. In practice, a by–product has resulted in replacing digital data exchange with appropriate standards, simplifying processes and training employees in how to use them.

In a think tank, I designed and evaluated knowledge transfer models with the help of LLM technologies with other professionals. It turned out that the real challenge is adapting personal maturity to the corporate culture. We have therefore pivoted to the development of post–AI management models.

Entrusted by

A select list of clients and cooperation partners: MA|CC, TRIBICON, CITIC Dicastal, MINDACT, The Phone House, FISCHERANDFRIENDS, APTIV, Winkhaus, Porsche,, DHL, Sal. Oppenheim, Tony Cragg.

If you’d like to learn more about my work, feel free to contact me for a look at anonymized work samples.

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